I’m releasing the Type 1 Diabetes and the Ketogenic Diet series here on the AdventureRx podcast. The videos are available on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/livingvertical) where you can find the series as a playlist. It may be useful to download the free ebook from our shop that loosely parallels this discussion of type 1 diabetes and the ketogenic diet.

In this episode I am discussing the context for my decision to go low-carb-high-fat and why the ketogenic diet worked well for me. It’s been hugely beneficial to my climbing and ability to take on big days in the mountains while managing my blood sugar. It’s given me a greater level of predictability in my blood sugar levels and increased energy at the same time. That’s something that I really want to share with others who might be searching for a change in their strategy.

In this series I try to emphasize that I am not “pushing” the ketogenic diet as a solution for everyone. It’s got pros and cons and it’s not going to work exactly the same for everyone. I simply wanted to promote my experience with it in hopes that it encourages your experimentation. The goal in my mind is not to get everyone on this diet–it’s to make everyone aware that eating deliberately can make the difference between guesswork and predictability–at least most of the time. Freedom from that guesswork is the name of the game–freedom to get outside and be active in nature is the goal. The ketogenic diet has enabled me to do that and I hope you find a path to similar results!

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