Life is filled with inherent risk.No one gets out alive.

Here are a ten facts that you should definitely keep in mind while reading our blog,watching our videos and listening to the AdventureRx Podcast:

None of the opinions expressed here are meant to be taken as medical advice or consultation.

I am NOT a doctor, nor is anyone who is currently involved with LivingVertical. There are many excellent medical professionals who are in the business of dispensing medical advice or opinions. That is not our mission.

Climbing is an activity that is filled with inherent risk–learn safety skills from a qualified mentor. Failure to do so can lead to serious injury or death.

The content of is based on personal experience, trial and error, and what we have observed to be effective and beneficial.

You are your own best caretaker–you know best what works for you. Any modifications to your own diabetes management routine are your own responsibility.

If you require in depth disclaimers such as these in order to make simple judgement calls in your every day life, it is amazing that you have survived as long as you have; congratulations on being extremely lucky.

If you only take into consideration opinions given by someone who you are paying to share their knowledge then you might be missing out on a lot.

We do not mean to offend people with our views- we simply tell it like we see it.

We are ok with the fact that despite the preceding disclaimer, people will still be offended by our views.

Truth is often offensive, reality is frequently harsh.