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souvenirs from the road livingvertical

Souvenirs from the road

In case my most recent posts about life on the road have been too dark or self indulgent here is something different. This post is a collection of photographs and frozen moments that I believe to be...

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chasing failure and dealing with risk in artistry

Chasing failure

If the project I’m doing is guaranteed to work then it’s probably not worth doing. I appreciate the tolerance shown by my readers over the last week as I have been unpacking the failure...

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Love it for what it is covington coffee in covington kentucky near cincincatti ohio

Love it for what it is

A little over a week ago I sat behind the wheel of my Toyota 4Runner watching the endless miles of red desert that border I-70 disappear behind our little 13 foot trailer. This our home–once our...

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north carolina smokey mountains sunrise shot with sony rx100 mark 4

We don’t need no inspiration

One only needs to do a quick glance at social media to see that there is no shortage of people creating inspiring work and sharing inspiring stories. So what’s missing? In the few years since I...

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camping with kids

Adjusting expectations

The stories we tell ourselves determine what we create from our objective reality. For example: the fact that I have diabetes is objective–not a matter of perception or interpretation. On the...

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Photos from the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire

I’m not going to try and post all of my photos from the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire here because that would leave us both with an improbable task; me of uploading and organizing everything...

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changed my life

5 Minutes of Chaos that Changed My Life

I started writing a blog post and it turned into my next eBook AVAILABLE NOW  “5 Minutes of Chaos that Changed My Life”. There’s a lot more to this story than what I’ve...

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tower of babel banff national park climbing

Food for the mountains and photos from the Tower of Babel

I wanted to put together a few of my favorite photos from the Tower of Babel because with so much media created it’s not hard to lose a lot in the shuffle of moving on to the next thing! This...

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activities in banff national park

Dance with the fear: Tower of Babel trip report

I feel as though I’ve been given a gift that is so precious that I don’t deserve it. I almost feel guilty being able to experience these moments on the edge of my comfort in some of the...

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diabetes management

How I use data to manage my diabetes: a guest post by Christel Oerum

Hi Living Vertical followers, my name is Christel and I’m a fitness geek and Type 1 diabetic. Like Steve, I’m all about understanding my diabetes and managing it rather than letting it run my...

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support livingvertical

Crowdfunding: a frank discussion

LivingVertical isn’t for everyone. It’s for YOU. That’s why I am asking you for the opportunity to make this mission, this message my full-time priority by pledging support for our...

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ketogenic diet and hypoglycemia

Ketogenic diet and hypoglycemia

I wanted to write a technical post about a question I keep getting regarding the ketogenic diet and hypoglycemia. Even if you’re not into the keto diet, I think you may find some useful ideas...

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You can call me diabetic

You can call me diabetic

You can call me diabetic if that’s what works for you. I won’t call the language police to shut down communications. Silence doesn’t help those of us living with this condition and...

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controlling type 1 diabetes

Measuring what matters: effort over outcome

We do a lot of measuring in diabetes–but are we measuring what matters? As you may know, I’ve been on the east coast for about a week or so and I’ve been doing a little...

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