You will notice some changes around the podcast–which are all part of the organic growth process! I am experimenting with a new logo, some new music and a new show format. Let me know how you like it by leaving a review on iTunes and in the comments below!

Here is what happened: basically when I created this diabetes podcast, it was the “LivingVertical Diabeticast” which I couldn’t quite fall in love with as I went on. I felt like the focus shouldn’t be on the “Diabetes” part of the name but rather on the “LivingVertical” part. At the end of the day I don’t set goals based on what my pancreas can’t ever do again. That seems like it would be silly. My focal point is, literally, Living truthfully deliberately and fully in the Vertical world, hence the name of this website. I decided that the name of this podcast should simply reflect that.

The show format was initially an audio blog. That got boring once I realized that I am pretty limited in what I am doing athletically these days–and most of what I had to talk about was in the past. Right now, I am training and scheming on new adventures but it’s more involved with a family on board so these months of quiet, boring self improvement are necessary and invigorating. But there is more that I want to bring to the diabetes community–and at the moment I am not the one executing those achievements. So I want to create a platform to support the active, athletic, adventurous diabetes community by talking with those who are out there pushing themselves and deconstructing what they are and aren’t doing–and why.

I’ll be honest, I have been listening to the Tim Ferriss show and while this is hopefully going to be very different–I hope to do similar things in this show with a focus on type1. This is all part of being empowered and I hope that putting this information out to the public for free will help others improve their lives and live better. I hope it will also help bring visibility to the fact that diabetes isn’t weakness, it’s a challenge–and in focusing on how those who thrive with diabetes manage to turn this challenge into their fuel for growing stronger–well, that’s the mission here.

So, that is the story behind the 16th podcast I’ve made here-and my guest is an inspiring young man who was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes about 3 years ago and started climbing about 1.5 years ago. No, in case you’re wondering, not all my guests will be climbers–actually not even a majority probably will be climbers…because there is a lot I want to learn from looking outside my “box”…But Andres Arriaga has a unique perspective since he is still new to both Climbing and Diabetes–but he has also put in enough time to have some success too. He isn’t a professional athlete–but he means business about his craft.

diabetic climber andres arriaga livingvertical podcast


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