I’m not going to try and post all of my photos from the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire here because that would leave us both with an improbable task; me of uploading and organizing everything and you of taking the time to go through them all! Nevertheless, the task of returning with images to share lies at the heart of adventure. It’s not about having “fun” as such–nor is it about some existential quest that takes place in a vacuum. Certainly those elements arise in the process, but the result of it all boils down to something we create. That’s our story and the photographs are an important part of it.

I am writing an eBook about this trip called “5 Minutes of Chaos that Changed my Life” and making a short film from it as well. Both will dig deeper in to the nitty and the gritty of that experience. I feel thankful to have had an experience so rich that I am left grappling to get my arms around it. If you would like to buy prints of these photos, please visit my print store. If you don’t see the image you want, please contact me and I will make sure that it’s available for you. Each photo print we sell supports the work we are doing to change the story of life with type 1 diabetes.

hiking in the bugaboos
Hauling our gear up the approach to the Bugaboos. Photo by Martin Fuhrer
hiking in british columbia in the Bugaboo Mountains
There is a lot of “climbing” before the climbing! Photo by Martin Fuhrer
camping in British Columbia at Applebee Camp
A quick dinner after setting up camp. Morning will come early. Photo by Martin Fuhrer
low light photo with sony rx100ii
2:30 AM in the mountains feels a lot like this.
Snowpatch Spire in the Bugaboo mountains
Morning light breaks over Snowpatch Spire.
Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo spire approach
Climbing a snowfield on the edge of a cliff–to gain access to the main headwall.
rock climbing in the bugaboos
Parties queued up ahead of us at the start of the headwall.
rock climbing photography
Climbing on the opening pitches of the Northeast ridge. Photo by Martin Fuhrer.
alpine rock climbing in Canada
A shot from the eventual summit ridge, late in the day.
night sky photographs with sony rx100ii
Night falls, as does the temperature. Martin and I cuddle on a ledge and wait for morning.
sunrise photography with sony rx100ii
Early morning descent–thankful for good weather and hoping it holds!
rappelling and descending the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire
It’s a long way down. Careful attention to detail is critical to avoiding reversing and repeating.
marmot limelite tent in the bugaboo mountains
After 36 hours on the go, we return to our tent. The weather breaks and it’s good to be cozy!
Martin Fuhrer is a climber with type 1 diabetes
A cool head and warm demeanor are worth so much in the mountains. Martin has both in spades. I am grateful for his partnership.