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Creation is the opposite of destruction. If it were not for the destruction that type 1 diabetes threatened me with, I may never have seen the value in picking up a camera and creating something from the obstacles in my path. That’s a big part of why climbing has always appealed to me as well. It’s a process of creation, not just performance. It takes imagination and independence to solve physical problems.

You can’t photograph what you haven’t seen, a most poignant observation by one of my photographic mentors, David Duchemin– rings particularly true in a time when there are more photographs than ever. Perhaps the value is more in why we go to see these places rather than in the beauty of image alone. The meaning isn’t just aesthetic. My vision is to be able to communicate that value with fewer and fewer words to assist the images.

Photographs are like a bank account where we store feelings and experiences for rainy days or to loan to others. They are an escape hatch from the present reality–a reminder that there is more out there to see and do. These particular images are from our time in Mono Lake and Devil’s Postpile (California) as well as a few from Oregon and Washington. I look forward to opening this escape hatch wider in the future. It will be a long road to El Capitan and I expect to see many things along the way.