I am considering doing a video series in the near future for low carb athletes with T1D about my dietary approach, trial and error and adapting the ketogenic diet to give greater blood glucose stability and athletic performance. I still feel like this is all in the “test phase” because the results I have had are not extensive. That said, I will be sharing developments as they occur in hopes of pushing the limits of what we are able to do with our diabetes.

Today Stefanie and I are heading back out west after a week or so in Massachussetts. This will hopefully mean that we will be out and exploring more as we head out to Joshua Tree National Park and the meetup this weekend. I have a handful of climbing/bouldering projects there that I will be working on and hopefully you will get to see some of that develop.

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We will get back into the trailer and “downsample” our life in order to get on the move! I have been struggling a bit maintaining adequate fat intake without as much physical activity since I’ve been sitting and working on my freelance media business. It’s a frustrating bump in the road but I know that once I am back moving again it will make it easier to nail down my nutrition. My blood sugar has suffered a bit too which always makes me feel…less than stellar, physically and emotionally.

Learning how to adapt to changing environments will be a big hurdle for me with this diet since we are going to be “bi-coastal” for the foreseeable future. Some people think that the globetrotting lifestyle is super glamorous but it’s actually pretty taxing and it disrupts routines that promotes health. Then again, that’s part of the price to have the freedom to climb and adventure so I can’t complain; it’s what I signed up for!