Zion climbing and hiking is always fun–even when it’s not. But let me clarify that statement because there are two types of fun. That’s right, I wasn’t just making a pun about my type 1 diabetes. Type 1 fun is enjoyable in the moment. It feels fun. Type 2 fun on the other hand just doesn’t. One of my favorite quotes (I believe attributed to either John Long or Jim Bridwell) is “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun“. Type 2 fun is more enjoyable when it’s over and you’ve survived. Or healed. Or cleaned your soiled underwear. The beauty is that there is a choice to have fun which circumstances can’t take away. Seems like this might apply to Type 1, too.

For the first week and a half or two weeks upon arriving back in Utah, it was like my diabetes forgot about me. I took my basal insulin only–I actually reduced my Lantus from 18 units daily to 14–and in that time period I never took more than 1 unit of rapid insulin. Sure, the keto diet is part of that–but even eating low carb requires more insulin than that. I was getting out, climbing for 6 or more hours a day on a handful of macadamia nuts and a cup of coffee.

Then suddenly, it’s back (diabetes) and for the last few days I am suddenly having to correct and correct for higher blood sugars that don’t want to drop. It’s too much protein and it’s wrecking my control, I’m almost certain. But here’s the thing; I am so excited because we have done so much in the last few weeks since being back–and we are still only dusting off the cobwebs. I’d love to have perfect control of my blood sugar all the time, but I am not going to let that dictate my choices to get outside and just try.

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Today we spent the day climbing (I didn’t bring the camera along) and my blood sugar was running near 190 all day. I managed to climb several great routes including one tricky one that has been eluding me for a few weeks! It’s very encouraging to know that our bodies don’t penalize us as harshly for errant highs and lows as we do psychologically.

I have been discovering the value in pushing through and just getting out and getting moving even when the numbers are discouraging and all seems in vain. It’s still counting towards something and it’s making a difference. You may remember that my New Years resolution was 100,000 feet of climbing in 2016–well, I am just below 2,000 feet so far and it doesn’t feel great writing that. It means I have my work cut out for me and talking about it won’t make it happen.

I am hoping to make more videos about Zion climbing and hiking in the coming weeks and months although we do have some travel lined up soon so we will be mixing in videos from other places. I just wanted to share the story from this weekend out climbing and this video from earlier in the week. It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. It still counts towards the bigger picture.

Ok. So here’s where I’d like to hear from you; what are you interested in seeing or hearing about? I am always open to ideas, questions and comments to guide my media efforts! Speak up!

Our first meetup will be March 4-6 in Joshua Tree National Park CA. No cost, no frills. Just action…maybe just a few tasteful hashtags though. RSVP via email: steve@livingvertical.org