Banting’s Ghost has gotten enough funding to begin the documentary process thanks to 36 amazing Patreon supporters (and we still have room for more)! Without stories to document however, there is no documentary. That’s where I need your help. Do you have a story-or have you heard someone tell their story and feel like it needs to be heard? Insulin access stories seem to be everywhere until you pull out a camera and notepad; then everyone sort of puts their hands in their pockets and start kicking rocks. There is a bit of a time constraint for capturing the first round of stories as I am enrolling in a nursing program this fall and will have additional responsibilities which will limit my ability to travel freely this fall.

If you’re wondering what kind of stories I’m looking for, let me clarify: stories of people impacted or involved in issues which relate to insulin access. This could mean anyone from the CEO of Lilly and JDRF who are on one end of the access pipeline to someone on the complete opposite end, living in rural Utah and unable to qualify for medicaid AND unable to afford insurance premiums. Maybe you’ve lived off of samples from your doctor–or maybe you’re the doctor. Maybe you’re the pharmaceutical rep who delivers the samples to the doctor and you see all this very differently than those of us who are outside the industry.

This is a complex story with many perspectives. All of them are important to understand. I realize that people sharing their stories are putting themselves at risk and I am willing to be discreet and conceal identities if need be in order for my subjects to feel comfortable about opening up. I am committed to an honest representation of what my subjects share; I am not creating a hit piece against the industry nor a puff piece for it. I want to capture the struggle of people all along the chain of this issue.

Providing a platform and inviting you–that’s all I can do. Now it’s your turn:

  • Visit our contact page linked HERE or email me directly:
  • Share your name and relative location (I won’t share this information publicly)
  • Give a brief summary of your story (doesn’t have to be in depth, just bullet points about the main conflict you’re experiencing
  • Let me know how you prefer to be contacted if we can work together.
  • Please note: I’m not looking to promote other blogs or personalities within the diabetes community through Banting’s Ghost. This project isn’t about sharing your workout and diet program or promoting your speaking tour or book.
  • If you have a blog or a book or whatever but you also have a story that relates to insulin access–then by all means reach out and get in touch. I’m not trying to exclude anyone–just trying to focus on stories about insulin access.

I’m excited to see how far this can go and what we can create together. It won’t be easy and it may not even be successful. Documentaries are lots of work and sometimes they fizzle out. Still, the only way to know is to try hard.

Stephen Richert is a photographer and filmmaker who happens to live with type 1 diabetes. You can see his professional portfolio here.

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