I’m not political but I’ll give it a whirl for a moment.

I don’t rant incessantly about who is ruining the country or who should fix it. I’m pretty sure that’s what voting is for–a place to contribute a meaningful impact (as opposed to berating people on social media who disagree with you for seeing the world differently). The truth is that your opinion doesn’t matter–only your actions do. This wildly unpopular view is the only hope have we have as a society of self-rescue–because the worst leadership wouldn’t be able to capsize a nation of people who were humble enough to link arms across various lines of race, ethnicity and politics.

Ok, now that’s out of my system:

A few days ago I felt like I should go to Standing Rock in North Dakota to do a photo-project documenting the protest about the Dakota Access Pipeline there. I don’t have an axe to grind. I’m not a protester. I’m a photographer who believes that pretty images aren’t necessarily the most important. For those of you joining me in the Ugly Camera Challenge I wrote about recently–I absolutely will be continuing to participate in that (and I hope you will too!) It feels as though something deep and significant is under way in the Standing Rock conflict right now and for the last few weeks we’ve heard almost nothing about it in the media. Nothing from our political leaders who are selectively concerned about the dire implications of climate change but refuse to even acknowledge this debacle that is unfolding on our own soil.

You may agree or disagree with my decision to go to Standing Rock, North Dakota and point my camera at something that no one seems to want to deal with. I’m writing this to articulate my purpose in going. I’m not attempting to shame others who can’t or won’t join in this journey. I have the privilege of time and opportunity to travel. I have the freedom (risk) of no allegiance to a commercial sponsor or assignment other than my own self direction and those of you who are supporting me on Patreon (thank you!!!). I have a supportive family who is making it possible for me to step out and do this. I’m thankful for those gifts and I don’t deserve them any more than anyone else does. I don’t believe we are given gifts in life to squirrel the benefits away away while turmoil engulfs others who have drawn a different card.

I have no idea what I will find out at Standing Rock. I’m not going with any opinion other than this: my opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is that there is not a public and transparent discussion of a militaristic-type of force being used on civilians who are peacefully protesting corporate development that directly impacts their land. I suspect that as with most conflicts in life there is a combination of people doing the right things for the wrong reasons–and people doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

One of the cop-outs of the photographer is that the camera doesn’t have an opinion. It’s not biased. It accepts us as we are–the good and the bad. The humanity. I’d like to think that I will return with some images that may make us think about this conflict from a more personal standpoint. Because that’s all any of us are, after all. We’re just people. If we can only use our technology to start arguments rather than conversations then we have already failed, utterly. On some level that’s the hurdle that I now have to clear as I go out to photograph.

I feel a lot of creative tension around this.  I don’t know the outcome and I am fairly certain that this choice will alienate more than a few people who I consider important in my life. I feel real risk. Some fear. I don’t know that I can do this without making an ass of myself or getting in the way of a cause that isn’t my own. I know that this might not work.

I know that it still feels right to go and try.

I’m not sure what will come from this effort in terms of deliverables. My primary goal is still images. Interviews, stories, video assets and the like will be a bonus that I hope to capture as well. I’ll update via LivingVertical social media channels as I can. Cell and data service are reputed to be lacking within a 20 mile radius of the reservation so I may be quiet for (the first time in my life) a while. If you’d like to support this work I’m doing, you can contribute via my Patreon page. If you’d like to tell me to go _______ myself, sound off in the comments below–or better yet do it in person.