The brotherhood of the rope; sharing risk and reward together. Our fates and fortunes are inextricably linked in this act of closing the system. It may sound fluffy but it's completely accurate when you cast off into the unknown with another person. That's one of the greatest things about climbing: there's nothing virtual about it and you rely on your partner 100%. Having shared many ropes over the years and sharing #type1diabetes between all of our climbs makes me appreciate the fact that I almost take for granted the partnership I have with @mhfuhrer. Almost. The link is subtle but that's what makes it strong. #climbing #weshootmirrorless #fujifilm #x100f #neverstopexploring #fujifeed  I relish the opportunities I have to make portraits of mountains. It sounds like an odd thing but when the light is this dynamic it really brings character to the otherwise lifeless stone and choss. It's a big part of the fun of the long uphill on the way to the climb. This is the smokey saddle between Mt Hector and Mt Andromache on the way to #AchillesSpire. #weshootmirrorless #fujifeed #fuji #x100f #climbing #neverstopexploring  I really wanted to capture the haze on the approach to Achilles Spire in the morning light. As we stopped to consult the route description a really nice lens flare hit @mhfuhrer. I expected "better" light in the morning but the smoke wound up hitting a more aesthetic stride later in the day which you'll see...eventually! The #climbing before the climbing is longer and harder than the actual climbing. Oddly enough this seems to be true of many things requiring effort. Putting in the work to start is the most discouraging and it's the easiest to quit. That's my reflection on returning to college at 35 to pursue a degree that's much too scientific for my comfort. Fortunately I'm not doing it for my comfort so we continue moving forward... #weshootmirrorless #fujifilm #x100f #hiking #banff #neverstopexploring
 At long last, the sun has pierced the smoke and we are done with the #hiking; it's finally time to start the #climbing. First, the change of footwear. #weshootmirrorless #fujifeed #neverstopexploring #fuji #x100f  Lost in a sea of scree, @mhfuhrer getting closer to #AchillesSpire. We traded off leading and following each other up the slope in order to have a subject to add some context to the vastness. Between a lot of scree and a lot of haze this outing became an exercise in leapfrogging and environmental portraiture. I'd see a backdrop and run ahead (or lag behind!) and try to catch Martin walking through the shot. I think that challenges to getting the most obvious shots help us see things differently and not get lost in the scenery. #weshootmirrorless #climbing #fujifeed #fuji #x100f #neverstopexploring  Moving up above the trees, grinding slowly uphill. The more you look at the start of the climb the farther away it seems to get. I chose to look down and grab a little motion as @mhfuhrer scurried around me at a switchback. I've been loving the ability to drag the shutter on the @fujifilmx_us #x100f by throwing on the built-in ND filter. Shooting with a tighter lens got me to think about showing more of the details rather than only shooting the wide #landscape. #climbing #hiking #weshootmirrorless #fujifilm
 Near the start of the #AchillesSpire route we were fairly socked in with smoke and haze. I couldn't see much into the valley below so I took the opportunity to attempt something a bit minimal. #climbing #fujifilm #x100f #weshootmirrorless #landscape  Climbing partners are special. It's a special relationship that allows you to seek out risk in the mountains while having fun and creating images from the process. @mhfuhrer and I started climbing together in 2012 almost to the day; we came together because for starters we share a passion for #climbing with #type1diabetes. There's a joy we find in the mountains that is hard to quantify medically but it's undeniable once you've experienced it. Each time we make posts and share a little bit of that joy it's like a dose that keeps us going. And speaking of keeping going, it's always a balancing act between stopping to grab photos and continuing up the climb! One of the many things I love about getting out with Martin is that I never have to feel bad asking him to wait for a photo opportunity--and he's always patient with me when I'm trying to cut time to get back on schedule later in the climb! #neverstopexploring #weshootmirrorless #fujifilm #x100f #hiking
 @mhfuhrer pausing on the lower shoulder of Mt Andromache to take in the smokey valley views below. Move. Shoot. Move. Eventually, we'll start #climbing-but there's so much to see! Sometimes the photography slows down the climbing. Sometimes the challenges of moving in the mountains makes it hard to compose photographs. But I don't know if I would enjoy either activity nearly as much if I had to isolate one from the other. I may never climb super hard or be an elite photographer, but I'll always get out there and have fun with my camera. The hard work is its own reward. #weshootmirrorless #fujifeed #fuji #x100f #weshootmirrorless  Climbing and grinding up the scree for hours means it's time to check blood sugar. @mhfuhrer getting it done with #type1diabetes as the sun breaks through the smoke. I just uploaded a vlog (linked in my bio) about this series of photos and my feedback on shooting #climbing photography with the @fujifilmx_us #x100f