The city of Muscat illuminated at night. Special thanks to @mhfuhrer for bringing me to this vantage point to capture this image. I was more excited to get out of his car and see this scene spilling out below me than I've been in a really long time. @fujifilmx_us #fujifeed #fujifilm #xt2 16mm#  Salt merchants enjoying a laugh after trying to communicate the intricacies of their craft to me--without much luck. Through pictures and gestures I gathered that it's pretty hard work and involves a lot of distilling crystals from salt water pools. #fuji #xt2 #fujifeed #adventure #travel  Mending nets the traditional way in #Oman. One of the most interesting scenes I saw was the manufacture and maintenance of fishing supplies; so much attention to detail and yet so sturdy. Rinse and repeat. It looked to be a very repetitive process that completely engaged the fisherman who barely seemed to notice me. #fuji #xt2 #fujifeed #adventure #travel #blackandwhite
 Maybe photography isn't the universal language--it's #coffee. Maybe both? Sharing a moment contemplating this reality from both ends of the lens in #Oman with the @fujifilmx_us #xt2  #coffee time in #oman. @fujifilmx_us #xt2 #fujifeed  Leaving the #climbing behind for a bit but staying on the coast of #Oman, my favorite images are those that capture some of the local culture; the traditional fishing practices and boat building. What I saw only scratched the surface and much of it was at a cultural festival in Muscat where @mhfuhrer took me to see the Bedouin lifestyles and traditions in greater detail. Thanks to the @fujifilmx_us #xt2 I was able to capture and carry away a great quantity of that detail in my images ;-)
 #coffee prep, Omani style. @fujifilmx_us #fujifeed #xt2  Everyone loves a photograph--it's a universal communication that gets through when language barriers loom high. I've always like pictures of people interacting with photographs for some reason. It's a satisfying reminder of the inherent value of making images--a task that I love and hate. Creating anything is always fraught with exposure (no pun intended!) and it's nice to be reminded that there's more to it than ones own insecurities. @fuji_instax @fujifilmx_us #x100t
 My favorite purveyors of salt in #Oman. Entertaining, locally owned and sustainably sourced. They also happen to be really patient with camera-toting tourists--a selling point that I was really excited to enjoy. They gave me some fresh salt to try and it was amazing. I'd never really thought of salt as being flavorful but when it's fresh, you can tell the difference. @fujifilmx_us #fujifeed #fujixt2  More traditional net repair on the coast of Oman during the Muscat cultural festival. It was a real treat getting to see all the exhibitions of Omani culture in such a condensed time period. Of course without @mhfuhrer I wouldn't have made it there in the first place! It's always good to get out and see new things. #adventure #travel #fuji #fujifeed #xt2