"I don't know if I should say this but cancer patients, essentially you go on chemo or whatever and there's gonna be one of two outcomes. You go into remission or you die. There's a possibility that you can get cancer again if you go into remission but it goes away for a while. Diabetes doesn't go away for a while. No matter what you're always going to need insulin. Right now I'm working 36 hours a week managing a climbing gym. They do not provide insurance." #bantingsghost #documentaryphotography #diabetes #fujifilm_xseries  "I've had this box since I was diagnosed in 2012. March. Lots of syringes and pen caps, we just dumped them all in there. I think we did the math once. This represents thousands and thousands of dollars." #BantingsGhost documentary project. This is #diabetes. (Link in my bio)  @mhfuhrer back on the move nearly out of the woods. Going downhill is much faster-gravity and desire to rest and eat "real food" snowball in the last few minutes of the descent. #fujifilm #fujifeed #fujifilmglobal #x100f #weshootmirrorless
 “I should have access to the insulin I need to survive so I don’t have to get to that point–so I don’t potentially end up in the hospital. So my family doesn’t walk into my room the next day to find a dead body. It legitimately scares me. It doesn’t just scare me it scares my significant other. And my parents too.” #bantingsghost #documentaryphotography  "If diabetes was cured tomorrow and a company patented the cure, like, it wouldn't make a difference because it still wouldn't be accessible. It's not just a business, it's literally peoples lives that you're putting price points on. You're effectively saying 'this person owes us this much money to be able to live' and not even a normal life--just to live." The full #BantingsGhost project is linked in my bio. #fujifilm #documentaryphotography #type1diabetes #diabetes #xpro1  This seems like a good way to start a new week. This is near the bottom of our descent off of #AchillesSpire. This series has been the longest day stretched out over weeks but when days are this good, you're happy to slow them down and savor the #adventure. #Banff #climbing #fujifeed #fujifilm #x100f #fujifilmglobal
 "It's pretty dramatic. My brother has casually gone through school. He's five years older than I am so he's taking his sweet time. He's 28 and he's already been off my parents insurance for three years. I still have a few more years on there but I'm like, 'what am I going to do when I don't have that insurance any more?' I'm not able to buy insulin out of pocket. Not even in Mexico, which is just an hour south of here." #bantingsghost #insulin4all #diabetes #type1diabetes #t1dlookslikeme  NEW SERIES: Banting's Ghost - an insulin access documentary project. “I can ride my own bicycle. I don’t need sponsored teams to do that for me. I can drive my own car-really fast if the urge takes me. I can survive in a world without sponsored race car drivers and cyclists telling me that I can do anything I put my mind to. You see, that’s only partially true, right? Hell, I know what I can do. I can do all the cycling and driving and running. The one thing I CAN’T do is make my own insulin. I’ll climb my own mountains, thank you very much, but I can’t do that without insulin." LINK IN BIO-get in touch to share your story about insulin access. #diabetes #type1diabetes #t1d #t1dlookslikeme
 "I wanted to get into music theory...getting good enough to the point where I could be a studio musician. I thought about that because it pays pretty well but it's competitive and if I don't make it then I don't have insurance. If I don't have insurance I don't have insulin. If I don't have insulin, then...I'm dead, so yeah." #bantingsghost #type1diabetes #ndam #diabetes  And just like that, the day is done. Back to the car where planning the next #adventure will begin. @mhfuhrer looks back, up at the summit we've just climbed it seems impossible. It's not. It's just a few good decisions away. Tomorrow I'll be starting a new series from an ongoing documentary project about #type1diabetes and insulin access. #fujifeed #fujifilm #x100f #fujifilmglobal