I conceived the notion of the #windriverproject when I was flying home from #kilimanjaro in 2013. I wanted to try to do something as part of a team with #type1diabetes but in a completely different style. Something a little bit uncertain, something unsupported and something with a decent chance of failure. I found capable partners in @peachyspohn and @blakemccordphoto who signed on to the adventure without reservation. The video is complete now and I hope you enjoy watching it (link is in my bio). It's been a challenge to get there, to get back and to complete the tale but I'm proud of the story and the small part I got to play in it. Pictured: @peachyspohn Photo credit: @blakemccordphoto #type1diabetes #climbing  9/9 #2017bestnine This year has had a lot of great pictures but this is my favorite. It's from Harriman State Park, where I lived in a little cabin in the woods, right about the time @stefsurreal and I started hanging out. It's been almost 10 years that we've traveled all over the globe but this was the first time we've gone back to the little forest where it all began-and with Lilo in tow. She was only an idea back then. Now it's all very different but the best things still remain. I've weighed a lot of what I've gained and lost this past year; I've distilled what matters down to this.  5/9 #2017bestnine Wadi Arbayyin in Oman catching some reflections of unexplored bigwalls looming above. Perhaps someday @mhfuhrer and I will give them a go but this year we had fun splashing around in the water below! #fujifilm #fujifeed #fujifilm_xseries #xt2 #fujifilmglobal
 One last shot of the #wallkillriver with the @fujifilmx_us #xe3 it was tough getting the colors the way I wanted with all the artificial light, but I thought this was an interesting edit. The video about this shoot is linked in my bio! #fuji #weshootmirrorless #fujifilm #fujifeed #waterfall  8/9 #2017bestnine A beautiful summit of Mt Andromache in Banff via the Achilles Spire route with @mhfuhrer. Another wonderful day in the mountains; Mt Hector peeks up in the background with the summit lichen adding some interesting color and texture to the foreground. #fujifilm #fujifeed #fujifilmx100f #fujifilmglobal  4/9 #2017bestnine Looking down on the city of Muscat in Oman, spilling over into the darkened mountain valleys. Thanks to @mhfuhrer for helping me find this out of the way vantage point! #fujifilm #xt2 #xf16mm
 Another shot from my Walden #waterfall microseries shot at the @thruwaysport parking area. This was taken with a #Mamiya 50mm f2 lens that I picked up for 35 bucks. This is one of my favorites shots of the ice and the flow of water. You can watch the video about my process shooting this with the @fujifilmx_us #xe3 linked in my bio!   7/9 #2017bestnine Descending from Achilles Spire on Mt Andromache with @mhfuhrer. I love the scale and the depth and I actually printed this in 20x30 and it's absolutely magnificent! @fujifilmx_us #x100f #fujifilm #fujifeed #fujifilmglobal #fujixseries #climbing
 My first 2018 images! This is a micro-series that I shot in Walden, NY at the @thruwaysport bridge on a cold night! I've spent a lot of my photographic efforts on traveling far from home but this #waterfall is one I've gazed at since I was a tot. As a little kid I'd visit the #thruway and blow my lawn mowing money on fishing tackle and the TMNT "Fall of the Foot Clan" arcade game. It was a weekly fixture and my entry into a love of the outdoors that I'm now sharing with my own little girl. I really enjoyed photographing this scene despite the bitter cold. Clambering around streamside in the dark was a worthwhile sacrifice to show this river in a new light. This was the @fujifilmx_us #xe3 with the #fuji23mm lens. I shot a vlog about this shoot if you'd like more detail on the process. ( linked in my bio: https://youtu.be/fJgGrwtHrcY )  6/9 #2017bestnine The road to Wadi Arbayyin-one of the more exciting "off-road" adventures I had in Oman-made more exciting by @mhfuhrer executing the climb out of the canyon at record speed to try to catch the last rays of light with me! We made it for the sunset but it was the bluehour just after that really stuck with me. #fujifilm #fujixseries #fujifeed #fujifilmglobal #xt2