From the distant lands of Oman to places close to home--my next series that I've shot focuses on family. I'm working on a documentary film about my dads story and the images I'm going to post are from that project. It's hard to delineate it though because documenting ones own story and that of your forebears is a never ending effort--and that's just the way I like it. #family #blackandwhite #documentary #lumixlounge #lumix  Shooting near the ocean in #Dubai afforded me the opportunity to work on some longer exposure shots. Previously I had only used long exposure during night hours to capture the stars and Milky Way. I really like the effect of the water as it smooths out while the background remains sharp. #sunset #travel #adventure #mydubai  Wadi Arbayyin in Oman--reminiscent of a hybrid Zion and Red Rock from the American Southwest--except this natural wonder sees few if any climbers, few tourists and is home to a small mountain village, replete with goat herds and gardens everywhere. I'd love to come back here with greater abilities and courage to attempt a first ascent on these walls with @mhfuhrer. Logistics would be a nightmare and commitment would be quite high. We will have to put a pin in that one...
 Al Alam Palace in Oman. The stonework isn't shabby. #adventure #travel #fujifilm #xt2 #lonelyplanet  Back in #Dubai after shooting in Oman. You can see the video I produced from there linked in my bio. As usual, my favorite photos that I post are ones I didn't take--but I'm still glad I got to be in this one. PC: @stefsurreal  The road to Arbayyin at #sunset or just a little bit after the fact. Driving in earlier during the afternoon I saw this scene and knew it would be just right when the sun was less harsh--and @mhfuhrer was kind enough to chase the light back up this rugged road in time for me to capture the blue hour. I was really taken with the incredible topography of the landscape and how improbable many of the roads are in the mountains. I wondered what the procedure would look like in the event of a catastrophic vehicular failure given how remote the area is. I'm ok with continuing to wonder... #lonelyplanet #lensculture #natgeoyourshot #oman #adventure
 I'm always carrying a camera because even when I'm in places that are less wild and adventurous, I never know when I'll see something that catches my fancy and needs to be photographed. Not every image has to mean something. Sometimes it's just an exercise in curiosity. #Dubai #mydubai #adventure #travel #lonelyplanet  Long exposure shot of a dhow in the bay of Sur. Since I shot this handheld and the boat was moving slightly it's not tack sharp but it's still one of my favorites because I had to work really hard to get this close--and I like the sense of movement it conveys. I haven't done much long exposure on the water before but this is a theme I'm starting to explore a bit more now. #fujifeed #blackandwhite #travel #adventure
 Sunday morning abstraction of the sea and the pier. Jumeirah beach, Dubai.  I'm pretty excited to wrap up my series of images from Oman with the announcement of the finished video edit ➡️➡️linked in my bio! It's titled "Rhythm of Oman"🇴🇲 and I'm really proud of the immense effort that it took to complete, in addition to the still photography I've shared here. Also, the word rhythm is incredibly hard to spell from memory and nearly caused me to tear all my hair out when I thought it misspelled it in the opening subtitle shot!!  ( is the link!)