I have always aimed to send a strong message to the world about what is “possible” while living with diabetes–and climbing has proven an ample medium for that. No type of climbing typifies self reliance and adventure more than climbing first ascents–being the first party to travel up a rock face via a given series of features. It’s creative, it’s unknown and it’s significant–because it’s not a place where people with diabetes “belong”. 

This summer, I teamed up with fellow diabetic climbers Matt Spohn and Blake McCord to try to become the first all diabetic team to establish a first ascent in the backcountry of Wyomings Wind River Range. There were many ups and downs and we are currently in the process of making a film about this project. While going over the interview segments I decided to record some of my own experiences and share what Matt had to say as well in this episode.
I am really looking forward to the film (and you can see a little bit of that by visiting www.livingvertical.org where we just released the trailer!) because it represents more than a step in my progression as a climber and filmmaker. It represents a dream coming to life through the collective effort of a team. I hope you enjoy the episode and visit www.livingvertical.org/WRP to see the spectacular photos from this adventure!
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