I’m excited to have Anchorage, AK based adventure photographer Dan Bailey on the podcast! Dan is a Fuji-X Photographer and has been adventuring with camera in hand for over 25 years. He is also a bush pilot and cyclo-cross racer which have both influenced his style of photography. His website is DanBaileyPhoto.com and he has a free eBook for those who (like me!) shoot with Fuji cameras. He also offers a variety of print and eBooks for sale as well as video courses. You can reach Dan on Twitter @danbaileyphoto where he is very responsive!

In this episode we discuss how Dan got into adventure photography and how it’s changed over the last 25 or so years. We discuss the creative process and why he often shoots JPGs and doesn’t use RAW photos. We get into a bit of discussion about gear and how “light is right” and how the evolution of mirrorless photography has helped to fuel better images coming out of his adventures.

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