Welcome to The Adventure Photography Podcast! This episode is an introduction–mainly what you can expect from this podcast. If you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe–and connect with me so we can make sure this show adds value to your experience of adventure and photography. You can read my blog, connect with all my social platforms and contact me at my homepage: LivingVertical.org! I really hope to build a community and conversation around adventure photography–and I encourage you to reach out and let me know what you’d like to hear about.

A little about LivingVertical–I recently concluded a series of photo and video projects on this platform that accidentally led me into adventure photography. I founded LivingVertical in 2011 (which is when I started incorporating a camera into my climbing and travel) to tell my story about living an adventurous life despite having a chronic illness. I will detail that process more in episode 2! I am just starting to roll out blogs about adventure photography itself as the idea of unpacking the creative process is a relatively new one for me. Up till this point I just engaged in the process and didn’t really share that part of my journey.

I am hoping to encourage more people who have not yet entered the world of photography–those waiting for permission to get after it and start telling their story. Likewise, I believe there are many others who have taken the first few steps into adventure photography and are looking to learn more and grow. By sharing what I have learned, what I am going through and interviews with others in the field I think we can all benefit significantly!

Here are 5 things I’m hoping to provide in these podcasts:
  • Discussion of gear I use and recommendations from a practical standpoint—No pixel peeping.
  • Discussion of the creative process—what photography means in the bigger picture. Philosophy and thoughtful consideration of the process. Struggles of getting started and overcoming fear.
  • Interviews with adventure photographers
  • Stories of adventure with a creative spin to inspire you
  • Q and A’s

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“Poppies” Rolemusic

“Skipping in the ‘No Standing’ zone” Peter Gresser

“Because you hold me tight” Alex Fitch

“Raro bueno” Chuzausen

“The time to run” Dexter Britain