In this episode I want to discuss ten ideas to improve our images that come from the quotes this excellent blog post by Hakon Agustsson:

As you might remember from last weeks episode I am currently out photographing the Standing Rock Protest in North Dakota (  but I wanted to share these ten quotes compiled from some masters of photography because they are great tools to shift our perspective–and they don’t require us to buy more gear! Sad, I know. I love gear too…

I particularly enjoy these discussions of the creative process because I feel like most of the learning I’ve engaged in surrounding photography up till this point has been largely technical. This exploration of the philosophy and concepts surrounding the technical execution are really a new frontier for me. I also think that it’s a largely understated tool towards making stronger images. There are a lot of debates around which lens is sharpest or whether you can come across as a professional if you shoot mirrorless…but far fewer that really focus on the vision of the photographer.

Featured in our “Book Club” segment is:

Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography:

Bonus: Check out which is a site dedicated to…empowering the vision of photographers of all kinds. David DuChemin is a mentor of mine and a huge inspiration. If you sign up for their email list (the contact sheet) you will recieve a handfull of awesome free ebooks that will inspire you to keep thinking differently about your work!

Featured in our “Practical” segment is: 

The Ugly Camera Challenge (which will be ongoing all month–share your images on instagram using the #uglycamerachallenge tag) and you can read more here:

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