We have lots of new developments for you in this show including new podcast segments and the discussion of a new photographic project that I am embarking on at the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota. This is about as political as I like to get–because I am not looking to interject myself into a conflict with an axe to grind–I’m not a protester–but it is a unique opportunity to document an important moment and it’s a conversation that needs to be had as public lands are ever under increasing threat of hasty development. I believe that if I can’t point my camera at something “difficult” then I may as well not have them at all. It might not work but I am going to go there and try.

While I am away in North Dakota I have an episode lined up to post, so we shouldn’t break stride until I get back in studio and have a chance to share my experiences personally the following week. I will do my best to update my social media channels along the way although I have heard that there is a cell-service black hole in the surrounding areas of the protest. My social channels are listed in the links below–wish me luck!


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The Ugly Camera Challenge (which will be ongoing all month–share your images on instagram using the #uglycamerachallenge tag) and you can read more here: http://livingvertical.org/2016/10/31/the-ugly-camera-challenge/

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