A lot has happened since the last time I sat down to record a podcast. If you’re reading this on the new website–well, that’s one of them–and there’s more! In this episode we discuss ideas for upcoming climbing projects, the effect of the CGM on my training and nutrition, and we are officially welcoming Blake McCord to the LivingVertical team as our visual director!
This addition means more creativity, more talent and more motivation to keep refining and improving diabetes empowerment through adventure. Blake single handedly created this new website–and it’s a really significant change that is indicative of the impact he is going to have here! I have constantly been amazed at his talent with a camera (check out his photography website!) and it doesn’t stop there.

Recently I have been thinking that it would be useful to experiment with ways that I could get more energy to improve the effectiveness of my training. Bigger climbing projects demand bigger energy and I had been feeling like my usual approach of low carb high fat hadn’t really be cutting it. So I am starting to try and add in more carbs to see what will happen–saying goodbye to the low carb diet. Take a look at the blog as well, where I will be adding more details relating to how this process is unfolding!

So. Take a listen–this podcast is not 40 minutes of me raving about Blake and the new website. I promise. It’s actually focused more on some of my progress in training and how diabetes is integrating with that–specifically how my CGM is allowing me to eat to my athletic needs rather than eating super low carb to keep my blood sugars low. It just might be useful!