Part 2 of our audience questions: this episode covers some interesting terrain–what did Stefanie and I do before Project365, did we leave jobs for the project, who was the film aimed at and what was the main message?

On a side note, just after recording this, I wound up getting into a heated discussion on Facebook with a parent who felt like Project365 made diabetes seem trivial and deflated the need for a cure and diabetes research. Of course this wasn’t my intent with the film and I am under the impression that most people understand.

Upon listening to this episode through to “proofread”, it struck me how the second half of this episode really speaks to my takeaway message for parents in particular—so that was kind of a neat bit of serendipity!

As always, thanks for listening to my ramblings–next episode will be my “outtakes” and behind the scenes view of the project–basically important info that didn’t make it through the editing process due to time or lack of good video shots!
Music provided by: Ken Hamm