Hello from the road! I am working my way back across the country after a very impactful time spent at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannonball, North Dakota where the Standing Rock “oil pipeline protest” is going on. In this episode, (recorded without much editing and not in studio!) I sit down with my friend and Production Assistant for this shoot-Chris Mahoney-to discuss our experience of living and shooting within this emotionally, socially charged environment. Photographing people is always a different kind of challenge–and negotiating cultural differences while prioritizing respect and discretion adds several layers of consideration to an already complex process. It’s pretty impossible not to be effected by people who are facing a struggle with dignity–and after a short time it became clear that relationships are the most important thing and only from good relationships can good photography come.

I am still editing my work and processing the things I saw and experienced at Standing Rock. There was a great deal of love and prayer–family and welcoming within the camp. That reception from the Native American water protectors was far more gracious than I anticipated. There was also a significant amount of militarization on the side of law enforcement that made it intimidating if not impossible to include their voice and perspective in my work. It’s hard enough making photographs when you don’t have loaded weapons pointed at you…

Here are some links mentioned in this episode:

Support the people at the Oceti Sakowin Camp and get more background on the cause : http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org/

My blog post examining my relationship with bias/opinion during this project: http://livingvertical.org/2016/11/13/standing-rock-examining-bias/

Outside Magazine explains some background on the conflict at Standing Rock: https://www.outsideonline.com/2111206/whats-happening-standing-rock

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