In this episode of the AdventureRx podcast I’m reflecting more positively on Lessons from a failed adventure and what I learned from the process. I believe that the value of an experience must determine if it is a success or failure–and value isn’t always apparent up front. Sometimes, like an investment, it takes some time for the sting to dissipate and only then does the success become obvious. Or maybe it never becomes a success but the value lies in fearing failure a little less and going more vigorously after the next project.

I wrote a blog specifically about a handful of particularly memorable photographs that reminded me of what a worthwhile investment our year has been, despite the fact that we are back where we started. Additionally, please check out the new short film I just released on YouTube–share it if you like it! Getting the word out is super important and helpful in supporting any and all of the work we do!

Here are some of the lessons I discuss in episode 48:

  1. The importance of trying things
  2. The value of not being dissuaded by possible failure
  3. Finding clarity in “back to square 1”
  4. Real failure vs not getting our way
  5. The importance of knowing yourself
  6. Sticking relentlessly to your vision

Thanks for listening as always and please connect with us and reach out via any of the links below. Next week I’ll be digging into my modified ketogenic diet and some cholesterol woes I’ve been having to deal with!


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