What happened on Bugaboo Spire? Low blood sugar, threatening weather and tricky routefinding on the descent made for a very full-value adventure–and that’s going to be the topic of a short film I’m now working on but in this episode I wanted to give some of the broad strokes and show some of the photos–because I’m pretty excited to share and I don’t want to wait until the video is edited! Of course if you’re listening to the audio you will want to check out the video version of this episode on our YouTube channel–of course there will be blog posts about this too with plenty of images so make sure to subscribe to our email list to avoid missing out on all of the media.

This experience changed my view of my possibilities and that’s partly why I am so excited about it. I feel as though enduring a harder and more fearful ascent than I wanted to showed me just how much remains to be explored beyond my comfort zone. Bugaboo Spire certainly isn’t a hard climb from a technical standpoint but it tested me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

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