What’s it like being stranded at 13,000 feet with a severe hypoglycemic episode but unable to stop and rest because it’s too cold to sit still without freezing? How about dealing with impassable jungle rivers in Panama or free diving in the Red Sea in Egypt? Ever wondered how easy it is to get insulin and syringes through Indonesian customs? It’s hard enough to travel in the US, to say nothing of international travel with type 1 diabetes!

Ok, many of you probably haven’t had ALL of these questions. But now that you know our guest for episode 32 can speak to all of these issues and much more, don’t you want to take a listen? Carter is one of the most stoked people I have ever spoken to and after finishing this interview I asked her if she’d be willing to be a member of our team here at LivingVertical because…she is everywhere and is always going for it. This conversation continues to inspire me and I hope it will do the same for you.

In this episode we discuss the following:

  • Life in the jungles of Panama with diabetes
  • Long term back country risk management
  • Learning to find your own limits and ask for help
  • What happens when your partners don’t understand how serious your diabetes is
  • What happens when your partners are willing to be vulnerable and take emotional risks
  • A hospital visit in Egypt that gets…exciting.
  • Which country is the “best” in terms of diabetes affordability (hint: it’s not what you’d expect!)

A few additional points :

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