Super cheery stuff in this third episode of the diabeticast–it’s tough dealing with it but it’s a big part of my life with diabetes as a climber. I was inspired to think about the way we view our relationship with success or failure when reading THIS ARTICLE by Riva Greenberg who generally writes really amazing pieces about her life with diabetes.

Fear is also a big part of this cycle, because our desire to always be “perfect” in whatever it is we are doing creates a fear of trying and pushing ourselves in the first place–and this is one of the greatest dangers to which we can succumb.

In this podcast I share a few of my stories from the 2014 Wind River Project where I was part of an all-diabetic first ascent team; we spent several weeks climbing and facing challenges together–and through that experience I learned a lot more about things I needed to improve and how to accept that rather than fight it.

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