It’s been months since I’ve dedicated time to regular podcast episodes but, like the post-apocalyptic cockroach, LivingVertical lives on to keep on pushing forward an empowered view of life with diabetes. I’ve been thinking and blogging about the recent choice to bail on full time RVing–it’s been a long and complex journey–certainly not a simple decision. I’m really keen to get back into episodes that will unpack my upcoming project to climb El Capitan in 2017 and answer YOUR questions but it seems appropriate to bridge the gap a little bit and connect from where we left off in 2015.

In this episode we cover all the ground on our journey out and back across the USA–from eager anticipation of life on the road to being completely over it and ready to admit defeat. Hey, it happens. All told, I don’t have regrets–because the value of the investment is not only in immediate enjoyment of the experience. As we learned several times over the last year, sometimes you don’t see the benefit until after the fact.

I’ll be patiently waiting and training for El Cap in the meantime.

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