This topic was inspired by this blog that I wrote (with video) and really started percolating when I was scrolling around social media and thinking about the rampant diabetes burnout that dominates much of the posting I see every day. Is it all a matter of bad luck and helpless happenstance–or is there some leverage that we can exert over the situation? In this episode I suggest some possible causes for this issue and some ways that I have been learning to decrease my time spent “stuck in a rut”.

Before getting into the show notes I want to announce that the AdventureRx Podcast may not be posting weekly podcast episodes in 2016. This decision boils down to the logistics of road-studio work. Time and space are at a premium living in a 13′ foot trailer. I am working freelance gigs month-to-month to pay the bills and that impacts the amount of unpaid computer-sitting I am willing to do. The show will go on–but the show must also fit in!

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • how hyperfocusing on blood sugar isn’t always healthy
  • how adjusting expectations can change our feelings
  • making long term health investments even when things look bleak in the moment
  • how a challenging climb taught me to recognize that I don’t (and never will) have control of anything?
  • how climbing is a great metaphor to the non physical

Diabetes burnout is a very real problem that impacts us all. My hope is that by sharing a few simple perspective shifts we can enable a better bounce-back. I don’t think that burnout can be prevented altogether, because some mental duress is part of life with a chronic illness. I am cautiously optimistic that we can learn to push back effectively and avoid becoming paralyzed to act in our own defense.

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