We have just over a month until everything gets turned upside down (ish) and our family hits the road. I am keen to document the choices that led us to the point of being able to try this–so I am sharing the 10 strategies I used to leave my job and hit the road. I have no idea if this project will succeed–or even what my exact definition of success is for this project. I think that there will be moment of ups and downs and so long as there isn’t a precipitous nosedive, then we will have to choose to create a narrative of success from the obstacles of day-to-day life. I wrote a blog post about the questions I asked myself in order to get to this point with this project and the definitions of success and failure are part of that.

I want to empower others to think realistically about following their dreams. I don’t claim to have any special ability that has enabled me to follow mine and that’s really the take away–not about specific goals but about recognizing the strategies that allow us to create change in our lives. That’s a pretty broad scope, if you think about it.

This episode isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or an internet marketing pitch. It’s not a peter-pan romance either. It’s a realistic look at how I took my goal of climbing, traveling and creating media with my family and got in a reasonable enough position to give it a shot. Where that risk will land us ultimately will be the subject matter of future episodes! So, here are the 10 strategies I used to leave my job and hit the road:

  • Take a realistic look at the situation
  • Find a supportive partner (in this case my spouse)
  • Identify a broader support network
  • Embrace downward social mobility
  • Identify skills and assets to leverage as sources of income
  • Identify comforts that you can do without
  • Create manageable goals
  • Minimize debt
  • Define when it’s time to give up
  • Know why the risk is worth possible failure

This episode was recorded on the fly with a shotgun mic and external audio recorder–I want to keep looking at the different means for producing this show with increasingly less…space. It’s a work in progress, an interesting experiment to see how I can get the best quality out of the resources at hand!

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