Episode 36 of the Adventure Rx podcast is an update about the Keto diet that I blogged extensively about this summer. One of the reasons I became so enamored with dietary optimization was the fact that climbing was inherently less accessible as I was working in an urban environment and even traveling to a climbing gym was a significant endeavor that would have created an untenable strain on my family life. While I loved the improvement on my blood sugar, I was still unconvinced that it would be ideal for climbing–a pursuit that involves a great deal of metabolic variety. Well, after a few months of putting it to the test in the vertical world, I have an update–and more!

In addition to a rapid fire overview of the Ketogenic diet and athletic performance with type1 diabetes, I have been thinking a lot recently of what the future of LivingVertical could look like. It occurs to me that LivingVertical started off making a documentary and telling a story that simply didn’t belong anywhere else. When Stefanie and I had the idea for Project365, we had no interest in creating our own platform. We reached out to other organizations that had already established the platform, the audience and infrastructure–and subsequently struck out. No one wanted to get behind the message and the vision we had.

So we created our own platform and that’s why you’re here reading and listening–and that’s why I’m here cranking out content!

Here’s where it gets interesting–I think that there is room on this platform for others who share a similar vision–through projects, stories and perspectives that empower life with type1, even when that means going against the grain. I’ll go beyond that and say, I am actively looking for other people to join in the work we are doing. If there is one thing I have learned through my own efforts it’s that I am not the only “voice in the wilderness”. One of the hardships of being unique is that it can be difficult to be heard above the noise out there. Thats why you might want to hop up on this platform.

I’ve recently heard project ideas that are floating around the community involving mountain biking, caving, international trekking, paddling, backpacking and of course…climbing. These projects and stories aren’t fringe nonsense. They may not “fit in” with the mainstream vision of type1 diabetes but that’s exactly what makes them valuable. So here’s my challenge to you: if you’re here to enjoy our stories, help us by supporting this work–and if you’re here because your own story might be part of the work we are doing drop us an email (steve@livingvertical.org).

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