I am back in the Northeast after getting a wonderful group together in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a free type1 meetup in the great outdoors! One of the best and worst things about this area of Kentucky is the lack of cell service–it was a great chance to just focus on the people and the climbing–but it also allowed me to do a bit of recording, both audio and video. I decided that with the impending transition of my family onto the road in 2016, this would be a great time to get our YouTube channel up and cranking because there is a decidedly visual  element to what we are doing and it will be a great addition to this podcast!

In Episode 35 we delve into the value of our meetups and hear some campfire conversation from those in attendance which may give you an idea of what you missed–or better yet, what you have to look forward to, because this is the start of something great! Part of our desire to make this type of community and adventure accessible to more people means that we do everything at no charge. I’ve worked as a guide and as a camp director/facilitator. I know the dollar value of what we provide for people (and it’s not insignificant)–but I also know that my vision is to base what we do on the desire to make a difference and not dollars.

I know that November is Diabetes (Fundraising) Awareness Month and that’s not really my game. LivingVertical isn’t a cause–and I am not a fundraiser. We are leading a movement of people who refuse to be told what diabetes has to mean in their lives and choose a proactive vision instead. That’s what my life has been invested in prior to LivingVertical and it will continue that way in perpetuity. That said, I can’t deny that what we are giving to the world would benefit from having a budget, from having support. In this episode I do deviate from the normal format a little to ask you to support our work so that we can do more for the community through our media, meetups, information and inspiration. Your support makes a huge difference!

Do you want to have a meetup in your area? Wondering about the low carb diet that you heard discussed around the campfire at this meetup–get in touch! (steve@livingvertical.org)

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LivingVertical thrives because of YOU. I (Steve) personally appreciate the fact that you are part of our growing community of active and adventurous people with diabetes.