In the Episode 30 you heard a frank discussion of finances when the security of employment was almost gone. Now, that bridge has been crossed and on the other side comes a feeling of exposure–questioning the decisions that led us here. Was this a good idea–or the opposite of that? Thankfully, I got some input from someone who’s been there before; Carter Clark (that’s one of her photos above)–and this episode is part one of two. She put my mind at–not ease exactly, but something more tolerable than the panic attack I had been experiencing before we discussed how she has managed to visit more than 23 countries in the last year, enjoying climbing, backpacking and living on a shoestring. Did I mention that she’s had type 1 diabetes since the 90’s and totally could relate to my situation?

I need all the inspiration I can get right now and this conversation hit the nail on the head. It’s so easy to accept the limitations of diabetes–not just the high and low blood sugars–but the knowledge that we are dependent from a social and medical standpoint. It’s a very human need to feel free and when your physiology prevents that you must go to great lengths to regain that feeling.  I am realizing through these conversations that it’s always a struggle to stay moving and to stay present in the moment–not slowing down to let fear overtake the decision making process.

A few of the points that I found to be the most compelling in this discussion:

  • The impact that family and friends support makes on decisions to live adventurously.
  • Taking jobs you may not love to earn freedom down the road.
  • Being scrappy and using techniques like rationing and stockpiling insulin and supplies.
  • Bending the fabric of time through frequent relocation (slightly deep philosophical tangent!)
  • Sacrifices of living “on the go”
  • Establishing an “independent contractor” or entrepreneurial mindset

A few additional points :

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