You don’t have to look far to discover the romance of adventure. It’s in television commercials, media, social media, food and clothing. Being perfectly honest, it’s part of what has made LivingVertical a success and I am wearing a flannel shirt as I write and record this episode. What’s less available are frank discussions of what is required to go beyond the “flannel” and flim-flam. What sort of preparation and negotiations are required for normal people to create a sustainable adventure-based life on the road? What is the balance between free time and work? Are sponsors the answer? How much do you have to have figured out to make the decision to just go for it?

These are all questions that we discuss in this episode. I am looking forward to sharing the snapshot moments we will experience as we journey–the sunsets, milky way night skies, mountain-scapes, alpenglow and wilderness vistas–but I also want to share the process it takes to get there ahead of time. Part of the value of those “postcard moments” are the sacrifices and choices that are required to get you there. I also want to speak to a comment that I heard so often during Project365 and one I anticipate as this venture progresses: “You are so lucky! I wish I could do that!”

Here’s the thing. I won’t pretend that this comment has no merit. I am lucky. Or fortunate. Privileged. Blessed. Call it what you want–I am constantly thankful for that. On the other hand I also know that the opportunity to take on adventure is meaningless without the will to sacrifice comfort in order to take hold of it. Many people who ‘wish‘ they could live an adventure-based life actually mean that they wish that there was a lower barrier to entry. Others may not have any idea what the barrier to entry is in the first place and assume that they couldn’t make it work. I think that the obstacles are going to be different for each person and each situation–but seeing the problem-solving process at work can begin to break down barriers.

In this episode my wife (Stefanie) and I start discussing some of the tough choices we are making with relationship to finances and family as we take on the transition to life on the road. This is less of a how-to episode, although there will be several of those in the near future, because I hope to be able to expand your view of your possibilities as well as sharing my own story as it unfolds. Adventure preparation is where the next chapter of that story begins.

I mentioned the Red River Gorge Halloween meetup in this episode–which is gathering steam and if you’re able to attend that would be awesome! We have about 15 people right now who are planning on attending and there is room for you too!

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