Have you ever thought about what the most important thing is in your life? Is that line of questioning reserved for somber, existential moments that follow some kind of loss or trauma? In this episode I take a moment to reflect on how I developed my value system and why it matters to know what is our priority. Simply put, letting our preferences and our sense of comfort guide us is likely to lead us into half measures and compromise rather than honing our focus so that we can achieve our goals.

I have struggled a lot over the last months with the desire to have my cake and eat it too–ever since I handed in my letter of resignation at my job. I freaked out. Panic ensued. My pursuit of adventure changed from a hashtag into an inevitable reality. In this episode I discuss the reasons why I decided to confront that discomfort head on and how I caught myself living out of sync with what really mattered the most to me.

  • What are values and how can you use them to achieve your goals?
  • Are values just for facebook/political arguments or can they help us progress in our lives?
  • Is adventure just a selfish, narcissistic pursuit or does it legitimately have value? (this is a tough question that has plagued me since 2011 when I started livingvertical!)
  • Can adventure help gather us together and create community
  • Does adventure have value to people who don’t climb or go outside much?
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