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Rather than repost the entire blog linked above, I’ll just invite you to click it and read.

In this episode:

  • New music for Adventure RX! Support Pattern because their music is AMAZING!
  • A recent hubbub online about medicaid: does broke mean lazy? (hint: it does not)
  • My story: Growing up and learning about how lucky I was when I needed Medicaid as an adult
  • Trying out a shorter, more narrative podcast format (to change things up at times)

I wanted to try a more narrative episode as I am sharing my own story along with interviews with amazing People with Diabetes who are pushing the limits in the outdoors. If you like it let me know–and if not, well, let me know that too! I really wanted to be authentic and share some of my experience with public healthcare and push back on the stigma that unfairly characterizes those who need it.

You can choose to buy a beater car instead of a Rolls Royce, but at the end of the day both vehicles are expected to perform some service or function. The health insurance that is sold to people on moderate to low incomes is not a “beater”–it’s scrap metal. It’s the kind of health insurance that is only good if you never need to use it. I don’t think healthcare is a human right–but I DO think it’s a responsibility that comes with having a society as prosperous as ours. I have always bought used cars and as I am re-entering the world of the independent contractor and facing the insurance gauntlet yet again, I’d love to have an option for a “no frills” policy. I won’t settle for scraps though, and I won’t accept the Medicaid stigma that transfers blame onto the victims.


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