There are many things that escape my memory on a regular basis, even in the short term. One thing I am constantly aware of is how many gaps I have in my memory of diagnosis. When Chelsea emailed me after she had been diagnosed this spring, I was really excited to able to have that first “other person with diabetes” contact. She had been climbing before type1 and when she got home from the hospital she googled “climbing with diabetes” and that’s how we connected. In Episode 26 we discuss her first 90 days of living with type 1 which included climbing in Yosemite, the Alps and some pretty exciting mishaps along the way!

I really wanted to get her perspective on the adaptation that takes place shortly after encountering this type of massive challenge (diabetes) specifically because she was hell bent on climbing far and wide notwithstanding. When someone is invested in combining challenging situations–that’s when things get interesting.

In this Episode we talk about the following:

  • Fear and risk
  • Losing your CGM in a crevasse in the Alps
  • Dealing with plans that go wrong
  • How climbing and diabetes are a perfect pair
  • Being vulnerable and seeking support

If you want to follow Chelsea on social media, check out her Instagram account because it is incredible! It really inspired me seeing what she has been doing and has planned for the future–keep in mind this is just her first few months of living with type 1. Yeah, I feel like a slacker now…

Chelsea has also dived right in to fund-raising for research and if you want to get involved with helping out that effort check out this page!

Enjoy these pictures that Chelsea was kind enough to share–she has some big things planned and I think we may be hearing from her again in the future!

Special thanks to the artists whose songs are featured in the podcast!

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