In my work promoting adventure as a means to empower and improve life with a chronic illness, I have always felt somewhat inadequate when trying to encourage parents to get their kids outside and pushing their limits. Becoming a parent myself has helped a little bit, but at the end of the day, what do I really know about the fears and burdens of raising a young person with Type1 diabetes? Probably not much, a fact that I am reminded of when I poke my head up and express an opinion about the controversial topic of parenting with diabetes.


So I am happy to bring you an interview with experts in this field–Stephen Scott and Susan Ramsey–the founders of Rock Type 1 an amazing 501 c3 that hosts climbing and adventure events in New England for families living with Type1 diabetes. Their work in this field of family events and programming is just the tip of the iceberg.

They are diabetes parents, physicians–and climbers. Stephen Scott, I am proud to say is my doctor, because he knows diabetes from a personal standpoint–and a medical one. He and I (and his T1 son Liam) have logged many vertical feet together and I often feel like I have an unfair advantage when I read about other PWD who have such a disconnect from their healthcare providers. I don’t say all of this to boast–if anything I am thankful for the good fortune to have a doctor who is about as close to my life and goals as is possible.

In this episode, Stephen and Susan talk about how they decided to start Rock Type1, how Liam’s diagnosis changed their perspective as medical professionals, the role that climbing and adventure plays in their family and how they learned to adapt that to Type1 over the years. If you’re skeptical about all this climbing stuff, then take a listen to Doctors and Parents promoting adventure–they can speak with expertise that I don’t have–but that everyone can respect and appreciate.

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