Life without social media just might be the best new productivity hack. Being honest, it’s cleared out a lot of the dust, cobwebs and old magazines that accumulated in my head. It’s created some space in my mind for creativity and inspiration–which you can hear about in this episode. I realized that my use of social media wasn’t distributing a message to the world as much as it was chasing attention. I’m not sure when that shift took place but I only really saw it clearly over the last two weeks since I’ve been off of social media. Sometimes you have to back way away to see things clearly.

I intend to return to social media at some point–but not until I’ve finished getting refreshed and filling my reserves with focus on my new documentary project. It’s important to have something to say–and now I have an idea for this project and the next few weeks will be examining what exactly what I want to say and how. I’m more hopeful and inspired than I’ve been in a long time–because I’m curious and excited!

I’d love to have you join me in this conversation–email me ( and share your reactions!

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My “Practical” focus: 

I’m working on using negative space. I’d write more about that but I want to use negative space more.




Ok fine. I have been learning about this method from looking at Michael Kenna’s book and from Werner Herzog’s Master Class (both are linked below). It’s easy to get so lost in trying to cram the frame full of interesting subject matter that we forget to leave room to breathe. Cleaning up backgrounds and isolating subjects with intent is something I have been trying to practice while shooting and seeing other creatives do this masterfully is inspiring!

Featured in my “Book Club” and resources this episode:

Michael Kenna’s “Images of the Seventh Day ”


Werner Herzog’s Master class

(previously  featured books)

Seth Godin’s “What to do when it’s your turn” :

David DuChemin’s “Within the Frame”

Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography:

Bonus: Check out which is a site dedicated to empowering the vision of photographers of all kinds. David DuChemin is a mentor of mine and a huge inspiration. If you sign up for their email list (the contact sheet) you will receive a handful of awesome free ebooks that will inspire you to keep thinking differently about your work!


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Victor Lenoir “Something Intro”

Rozkol “Soy Sauce”

Spinningmerkaba “Across the pacific”

Chuzauzen “Raro bueno”

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