I’m at a crossroads in my life (again) as I’m deciding if “pro” photography is right for me. I’m debating if I want my source of income to be directly related to my passion. It’s common to hear the terms “amateur” or “hobbyist” in negative contexts, but maybe there is something inherently freeing about not trying to fit the mold of pro photography? I have experienced this dichotomy before in my life; as a climbing guide I went from not being able to get enough of the vertical world–to feeling burdened by it when I had to be there daily to pay the bills! Perhaps the answer lies in manual labor–the complete opposite of what most people picture as the artist’s occupation.

My “Practical” focus: 

Aside from not going to debtors prison while I try to decide if I should be paying my bills through pro photography or not–I am trying to decided what the LEAST camera gear I can get away with using is. Marketing is strong in this industry; maybe because we are more susceptible as creatives–or maybe it’s because there is so much beautiful work on display to leverage against would-be-consumers. Still, I find the richest experiences I have had with a camera to have come from the simplest setups. Less is more–but how can I tread that line without eliminating the possibility of pursuing pro photography? That is the conversation…

Featured in my “Book Club” and resources this episode:

Seth Godin’s “What to do when it’s your turn”: http://amzn.to/2hP86Zs

(previously  featured books)

David DuChemin’s “Within the Frame” http://amzn.to/2grAYJZ

Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography: http://amzn.to/2e0GYJF

Bonus: Check out https://craftandvision.com/ which is a site dedicated to empowering the vision of photographers of all kinds. David DuChemin is a mentor of mine and a huge inspiration. If you sign up for their email list (the contact sheet) you will receive a handful of awesome free ebooks that will inspire you to keep thinking differently about your work!


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