It has been a taxing several weeks for you without new episodes, I am sure–but you can all breathe easy, because the LV podcast is back up and running and…there is a lot of great stuff in the works, much of which I am outlining in this 21st episode! The recording closet and cardboard box studio is back up and running after a catastrophic and ill-timed failure!


I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting the work we are doing–after taking a big hit on the computer, it’s good to be able to record and I really appreciate the folks who rallied to my aid when everything kind of crashed out. I said goodbye to my (formerly) trusty 27″ imac that edited the Project365 documentary and now I am working from a much smaller unit that packs more power and does everything…faster and in a much smaller space!

That’s relevant because Ep 21 is sort of like a pre-emptive clip show and one of the topics that is covered is my family deciding to live on the road and make some pretty significant lifestyle changes–one of the biggest of which will be having WAY less space, so it’s probably for the best even though I lost a lot of data and podcasts that I had recorded. Old data (Project 365, Kilimanjaro etc) was thankfully spared, but I lost most of the work I’d done in the last year.

In announcements, we have some amazing guests coming up in the next few months and some new things happening on the website too! I will be sitting down to interview Stephen Scott and Susan Ramsey, the founders of Rock Type 1 this weekend–and I am hoping that you will get as stoked for that interview as I am!

  • podcast guests
  • New dietary optimization or ‘how I failed at being Vegan in Spain…’
  • LivingVertical is living on the road
  • The LivingVertical forum, a virtual campfire for the adventurous PWD out there…
  • Diabetes coaching–yep and at no charge! Not everyone needs a coach–but everyone who needs a coach should be able to have one. Email me ( if you think we could work together on crushing diabetes!

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