At the end of May I decided to try an experiment with my diet. I had always embraced a LCHF diet, based predominately off of Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes solution and found it to be good for my blood sugar but lacking in terms of athletic performance. The idea of embracing carbs was anathema, but I had heard about a different method that went completely the opposite way–a High Carb Low Fat Plant Based diet. I know that’s a mouthful but I decided to try it for a month to see if I could increase my carb intake without derailing my blood sugar control.

One of the reasons I decided to put this podcast out is because I learned a great deal from this experiment–which never could have happened if I had not made the choice to question my method. Like many people, I had long been attached to my diet–I had defended it and advised others that this was the “way”. It’s hard to challenge your own beliefs and just as hard to suggest that others do the same.

This experiment was not universally received with warmth and anticipation. When you say the word “carb” in the context of diabetes management, the image that is conjured up is synonymous with junk/processed food. My hope is that this episode elucidates some of the dietary choices I made, meals I’d eat and how I measured the changes I experienced.

I try to present a balanced approach–sharing what worked and what was difficult–not sugar coating things to convince you of anything other than my experience. I am not a dietician or a physician. I am not giving medical advice in this (or any) episode, just sharing what I discovered when I threw my playbook out the window. Diets are restrictive and feel limiting but generally speaking I have never seen or heard evidence that shows a plant based diet, rich in whole foods to be inferior to one that has more processed food. That’s the basic umbrella that all of my dietary tweaks must fall under, and the only thing I’d actually go on record with as a hard fact.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the science behind this diet from someone who has the credentials and has done the research, submit your questions for next weeks interview with Dr Cyrus Khambatta. I’ll be asking him all the questions I had–and those that you submit to Cyrus is the founder of MangoManNutrition and is a T1D athlete as well, and I’m excited for an enlightening interview!

Here are some resources for those looking for more info about diet and type1:

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