Hang on to your toupees, folks, I know there has been a huge amount of coverage of late about the Crossfit debacle on twitter and I try to get through it in a hurry. This is a short format monologue, stream of consciousness style. Or rant.

In this episode I discuss the bigger picture of society and its view of diabetes–and why this has been a really poignant moment for us to come together as a community and make a statement. Crossfit and diabetes is a smaller indication of the larger problem of stigmatizing diabetes and making it shameful and something that is automatically associated with laziness or apathy towards health. So what does it mean–and more importantly where do we go now that we’ve had our say? Do we need an official autopsy to confirm the horse is dead and that we can put down our bats and go home? There must be a vision toward next steps and positive educational moves.

crossfit and diabetes controversy twitter

I realize that my perspective on this next part may be unpopular, but I am NOT in favor of petitions and forcing Crossfit to take down their tweet. The bigger picture is about creating a social context in which that kind of stigma is clearly seen as unacceptable. Other disease communities like Cancer or HIV have managed to deal with and make great strides in dealing with social perceptions–and this all boils down to an opportunity to confront the stereotype with education and information. The opportunity isn’t in trying to change the mind of someone who clearly has no interest in backing off of his position.

That’s the quick and dirty, but there is more in the episode–specifically how this is an opportunity for the type1 and type2 communities to work together and not fight or throw each other under the bus. Stigma for one is stigma for us all.

I want to end by asking you to support the work LivingVertical is doing to create the empowerment and awareness that we need for diabetes–and thank everyone who has contributed to the work that is being done here.

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