We all love hearing inspiring stories from experts or people who have developed expertise as adventurers with diabetes–but I think it’s really helpful to hear from people who are starting on the path of adventuring or getting active in the outdoors too. There are a lot of lessons that we learn that over time become second nature and when someone asks us how do we do this or that–it’s tough to answer. I was stoked to meet Josie through the GoBeyond Diabetes initiative where we started discussing her experience backpacking with diabetes for the first time–and I’d love to have you involved as well. Check out the post about it here–and submit your photos/info via email steve@livingvertical.org .

backpacking with type1 diabetes in the mountains

This episode explores the challenges and successes of pushing into the wilderness and learning how to adapt diabetes all at the same time. Here are a few topics you’ll hear us talk about:

  • Getting parents on board with adventure sports
  • Being open about diabetes with other people
  • Diabetes at altitude
  • Preparing for the first venture into the mountains
  • Adapting and learning new blood sugar patterns “on the fly”
  • And lots more!

We didn’t specifically discuss this page as a resource for people heading into the wilderness with diabetes on the podcast, but
Ashika Parsad from Canada has been blogging about her diabetes adventures and specifically this post is relevant to diabetes!

On more general wilderness terms (not diabetes specific) here is a good list of essential items.

Another new thing that you’ll hear about in this podcast are user submitted questions–so put up your questions and we will discuss them on the podcast steve@livingvertical.org!

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