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I’ve always been pretty transparent about the fact that I’m not a runner. It’s something that baffles me and is, in a sense beyond me. That’s why I knew I had to get an interview with Joel out to the LivingVertical community. He has an incredible story–a journey from dark and desperate places to a diagnosis with type1 diabetes–and an unquenchable love for running with diabetes that came out of all that struggle.

In this episode Joel shares some of his philosophy, strategy, diet and stories about his running career–and talks about staying positive and dealing with depression in diabetes. At the time of this writing he has run 4  100 mile races. He has not yet run a 5k race. And yes, he does say at one point that he eats up to 20 bananas for lunch. I have no reason to doubt his word, based on our conversations…but I had to rewind the audio when I was editing it–I totally missed that on the first pass and I did a double take when I was editing!

Here are links to some of the resources that Joel references in the episode:

Born to run by Chris McDougall

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

Run! by Dean Karnazes

RainForestTreks hiking with type1 diabetes


I think that it’s important that I point out that this episode (as may be the case with many future episodes) contains discussion of diets, practices, routines, medical tweaks and other things that should be discussed with your doctor before you undertake them in your own life. I’m not a doctor and none of my guests on the podcast so far have been either–we are just talking about what has or hasn’t worked for us in our personal experiences.

I always try to get as many questions in as possible when my guests and I are chatting; if you think that I missed something or want to ask Joel a question that the community could benefit from, feel free to drop it in the comments below or email me ( Please subscribe on iTunes–and leave us a review. It’s a bit of a hassle perhaps but it is one simple thing you can do one time–that will help our information and inspiration reach the active type1 community.

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