“Sentiment without action is the death of the soul” –Edward Abbey

What constitutes diabetes advocacy? Where is the line between advocacy and just “talking”? Action is the value that I keep returning to when I turn the lens of self reflection on my work. It’s the gold standard that I strive to achieve–to do more than just make noise and instead, make change. It’s not easy, obviously–and getting action to happen often requires some talking in the process!

I believe that all kinds of useful and positive change can only begin to happen as we really examine and take opportunities to engage our diabetes as a reality based community. I have been very thankful for the Diabetes Online Community–but it really comes into its own as we connect offline. That’s where we all have to live our lives and that’s where I believe advocacy should be targeted–not just fancy hashtags and having ones say.

The next several episodes of the Diabeticast will be going behind the scenes of Project365 (the project itself as well as the Documentary which you can see HERE for free). I’d love it if you sent me questions, comments and issues you’d like me (and my upcoming guests) to weigh in on via email: steve@livingvertical.org .

Music provided by: Ken Hamm