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I’m not sure if people still listen to podcasts in 2016 but if you’re still there and ready to crush stereotypes and take our diabetes to new and exciting places, I’m game! This episode is my best attempt to catch you up with the events that have transpired since episode 42. Most notably, I’ve moved into the trailer and my family and I are living on the road. Finally. We are still traveling a lot–right now we are in Boston for work  and we will be back out west in early March. Since Stefanie is a flight attendant based out of Logan, it’s a necessary commute and it’s also good to see family back east on a regular basis.

Also–remember new years resolutions I made in episode 42? I’ll catch you up on my progress in this episode as well:

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Enjoy the episode and get psyched for many adventures and adventurers pushing the limits of type 1 diabetes. I hope that you will be able to join us at one of our meetups, see link below!

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