Last week I shared a conversation that Stefanie and I had about diversity in the outdoors–here is the interview with Antonio that I mentioned in episode 33 which sparked so much discussion. While this interview is an incredibly powerful account of strength in the face of adversity–it deals with some sobering topics and there is a bit of colorful language. It’s a gritty view of what it means to improve your life, your diabetes diagnosis and your relationships–through adventure. You can also read about this climbing trip to upstate New York in the LivingVertical Blog. This interview is the perfect encapsulation of what Adventure Rx means to me, and I hope that you are moved by the raw honesty that Antonio shares as much as I have been.

Antonio grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and has had an incredible journey that brought him from the military, to gang life, to a diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and most recently to the Gunks where Stefanie and I met him, out climbing with his partner Bruno. We all climbed together and the following day before he headed back down to New York City, we stopped at a local Starbucks for a bit of coffee and a chat in their outdoor seating area–which you will hear in the ambient audio in the interview!

It’s easy to discount the hugeness of the impact that climbing can have in people’s lives. Many perceive it as something which falls between playtime and a death-wish. Antonio’s story is a really powerful example of the ways that lives change as a result of pursuing a closer relationship with the natural world. Certainly I have my own life story, but that is hard to see as significant from a first-person perspective.

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