I fully believe that this is the most important podcast episode I’ve put out here. It contains the central point of value that I have been able to offer through LivingVertical content up till this point. It’s also a fitting place to leave the AdventureRx podcast. I won’t be adding new episodes to this feed any longer. The good news is that this isn’t “goodbye” it’s actually the beginning of a new chapter–and the culmination of what LivingVertical started out as from the beginning.

This Episode is about the importance of protecting our identity and keeping the negativity of a medical condition from becoming who we are. I definitely went down that path over the last 5 years in order to try and communicate a different narrative about life with diabetes–and I am thankful I had the opportunity to do it. On the other hand I realized that I have reached a point where I don’t have a lot more to say about diabetes and I’m tired of trying to make everything I do about diabetes. I am going back to the beginning–where diabetes had to be about everything I choose to do and where I choose to go.

I am going to be focusing on adventure and photography–not diabetes. Diabetes will always be in the picture (pun!) but it will no longer be in focus. In a lot of ways I believe that this is less a divergence from the original priorities of LivingVertical and more of a return to them. I can offer no empowerment greater than to demonstrate that life does not revolve around diabetes–in fact that the opposite must and CAN be true. I remain more than willing to field questions, discuss and share what I can–but that will be on an individual basis–so it will be your choice to initiate that as you see fit.

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“Poppies” Rolemusic

“By Grace” Podington Bear

“Skipping in the ‘No Standing’ zone” Peter Gresser

“Claus” The Dirty Moogs

“Rolands Vegners” Ergo Phizmiz and Margita Zalite