This episode is about my story–how I “accidentally” became engrossed with adventure photography through a challenging diagnosis that motivated me to start living my life as a better story. I didn’t always carry a camera everywhere I went–and for a lot of my life I always thought adventure photography was only for professionals. It was only when I decided that my story was something I wanted to “own” that I started learning for myself. Some of those lessons are what I’m sharing here on this podcast–and I believe that learning is an ongoing process of give and take.

One of the main things I hope to share with you in this episode is the fact that you don’t need permission to pick up a camera and go outside. Adventure photography is an extremely rewarding practice and being a photographer isn’t about perfection or performance. It’s about finding enjoyment in simply noticing things. I think this freedom is a big part of what drove me to wander off into the mountains in the first place so it’s pretty easy to see how the two pursuits go together!

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“Poppies” Rolemusic

“Skipping in the ‘No Standing’ zone” Peter Gresser

“Because you hold me tight” Alex Fitch

“Raro bueno” Chuzausen

“The time to run” Dexter Britain