This week we are talking about a modified keto diet! I just got back from my endocrinologist appointment and I wanted to share a little bit about the high cholesterol that I have experienced and the modified keto diet that I have been following in order to mitigate this risk as best I can. I love the keto diet and its benefits to my blood sugar and type 1 diabetes management are literally amazing. My blood sugar for the last month was an average 106 with a standard deviation of 23 points! I am NOT willing to give that up. On the other hand, my cholesterol at last measurement was almost 400. I decided to use a modified keto diet to try and improve my cholesterol without losing the benefits of eating low carb-high fat.

A modified keto diet can mean a lot of different things but for me it means cutting saturated fat and replacing it with unsaturated fat. In simplest terms this means replacing coconut oil (my main source of ketogenic fat) with olive oil wherever it’s appropriate. I have also been replacing some animal fats with greens and more olive oil–and trying to eat more fish (sardines). I am not going totally away from animal products or making massive changes in the diet–but I am trying to gradually make adjustments in favor of the unsaturated (usually plant based) fats and you’ll hear about what that entails and how it seems to be working in this episode!


Modified Keto Diet blog post

Ketogenic diet and high cholesterol blog post

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