If you have followed LivingVertical for a while you will probably know that I have had a fairly strained relationship with diabetes research over the years. At best I’ve been pretty ambivalent about it–and other times I’ve been downright frustrated with promises of “pie in the sky”. Now, I have taken a job working at a research non-profit startup and it’s really changed my view and given me hope.

I don’t mean hope that someday I won’t have to take insulin–although that may happen and we are certainly taking baby steps towards that–but hope that research can be an empowering engaging process where WE as people with diabetes are directly involved. Diabetes research is no longer limited to just fundraising and hoping that your money is going somewhere good with no real accountability. Think about that for a second. We can participate in research right now, just by logging in to a website.
MyGlu.org is a research based community of people with diabetes in which our daily, mundane interactions with our diabetes are adding up to real world research solutions. We are gathering up scraps of data that are otherwise discarded–to accelerate research. You don’t have to look through a microscope or even leave your computer if you don’t want to. Just log in and share information about your diabetes.
I’m excited to share what I’ve been learning and how it’s causing an evolution in my thought process. No more funding and looking away. Get involved and BE the research. I’d apologize for sounding like I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid–except I’m not sorry–I’m legitimately excited. It’s pretty significant when a group of people get together and take a real, honest look at the status quo and take steps to shake things up. It’s bold and different and this is just what the (clinician) doctor ordered, pun very much intended.