Origins of LivingVertical: adventures of a type 1 diabetic

This is where our story picks up. It's not  really the beginning, rather it's where we began to realize that we were part of a story and that was special; worthy of being recorded. So begins the adventures of a type 1 diabetic with better things to do than being limited by a medical condition that just happened without any invitation...

At the time that I wrote this (2009), I had been Type1 for about 10 years and didn't know a single other person living with the condition. My wife Stefanie and I are seen here on the summit of Devils Tower in Wyoming. I didn't know it at the time but my life changed dramatically that day. One year before, we had passed casually below the tower and from the safety of the road Stefanie said that I'd need to find another partner if I wanted to attempt it. Together we stood on top a year later and a world of possibility opened up.

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