High carb diet: first impressions

Today I went running. On purpose.

The end.

Ok, just kidding--about that being the end. However for my use, the fact that my implementation of a new high carb diet that minimizes fat and all but eliminates processed foods and animal products has given me energy to the point that I can type the preceding intro (without lying!) is pretty massive! Don't let that fool you though--this first exploration of how my shiny new dietary guidelines are working out is far from a "Swiss Watch".Read more

Carbs are not the enemy.

There was a time when I would never have toyed with the idea of actually embracing carbs as the foundation of my diet. Everyone says, 'carbs and sugar make you fat--eat more fat if you want to be lean'. I said that a lot, although my focus wasn't usually on weight gain--but more on blood sugar. Having to negotiate with insulin in order to take in more carbs made it easy to default to a ketogenic diet which, as I've stated is not completely without it's value,  but simply put, did NOT work for me once I mixed in greater athletic output. I am not on a mission to convert anyone to any type of diet--just to present my findings in hopes that it will add value as you are seeking to tackle new goals--in diabetes management and the places you bring that diabetes. Once I give these dietary guidelines below a few weeks of implementation I will discuss the experiment in a podcast episode.

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